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New Zealand Film Collaborators

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022 387 0431


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Here at The New Zealand Film Collaborators we are passionate about filmmaking.
Filmmaking provides a great opportunity for our members to work together and collaborate. Successful filmmaking requires a wide spectrum of skills and abilities. Creative thinkers are needed to work on a premise, while passionate writers can take charge of the script. Those handy with computers can do the editing; well-organised members can become directors or producers; and artistically minded members can work on sets, costumes and props. There is a job for everyone!
Getting started in filmmaking is easy. Even if you don't know it, you probably have all of the tools you need already available to you. All you need is something to record video (a tablet or smart phone works well), an editing tool (free software like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker is readily available), a great idea and lots of enthusiasm.
Out of new filmmakers to experienced ones, we have people to help create any kind of film. if you have an idea and dont know how to go about it just post it into the group and alot of people will be able to make you ideas into a film.
We also schedule events every few weeks, sharing knowledge and resources to create co-produced films. So either you are a producer, actor, editor, makeup artist, screenwriter or any other professional or amateur from the audiovisual industry, join our community and start making movies!