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If you are in any way involved in the film, TV and video industries – The Data Book is your indispensable guide and New Zealand’s comprehensive directory for this industry.

The Data Book online version has over 300 categories. The online version has been live since 2000, allowing users worldwide to search across the breadth and depth of New Zealand talent.

The Filming in New Zealand section features information on Aotearoa/New Zealand and is about the land, people and the country as a filming location. It outlines relevant policies and regulations and gives users a guide to industry organisations and resources.

The Industry Organisations section includes contact details of the funding bodies, guilds, resources and services to the industry.

The Listings section gives contact details and credentials for people and companies in the film, television,video and gaming industries.

While every endeavour is made to ensure that people and companies only appear within categories they are qualified for, Glasshaus Media Ltd accepts no responsibility for any misrepresentations made.