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Splendid - Production Support Services



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[email protected]



+64 27 432 9803

Company Description

Splendid is a production support service based in Christchurch, in the South Island of New Zealand. We offer production management and coordination expertise for feature films, television productions, commercials and photographic shoots.

Between us, the production team at Splendid has more than 43 years industry experience. We take a huge amount of pride in delivering professional, friendly service, being calm and clever problem-solvers and doing our best to ensure that your South Island production is, well...... splendid!

We’re also flexible and not precious, so we are happy to take on an assisting role for a few days or your full, start to finish, production management with all the trimmings, if that’s what you need.

Get in touch with us for more information about shooting in Christchurch, Canterbury or anywhere in the South Island.

Product List

Production management
Production coordination
Production assistance
Art department assistance/props buying

Staff Members

Josie Cox
Production Coordinator

Jane Mahoney


027 432 9803


[email protected]

Josephine Meachen
Production Coordinator

Sal Cameron
Production Manager


Resume Play (Production Coordinator / Executive Producer) - 2015 - D - Belmont Productions - Rick Harvie
Christchurch - Ever Evolving City (Production co-ordinator) - 2014 - D - Belmont Productions - Rick Harvie
Hellers TVCs (Production coordinator) - 2013 - TVC - Shuriken - Richard Bell
Estee Lauder - Nutrience (Producer) - 2006 - TVC - Bannan Films - Peter Bannan
Moccona (Producer) - 2006 - TVC - Bannan Films - Peter Bannan
100% Pure NZ Discovery Channel Promo - Singapore (Producer / Prodcution Coordinator) - 2005 - D
Phillips - Singapore (Producer / Production Coordinator) - 2005 - ST - Bannan Films - Peter Bannan
Sony Wega (Producer / Produciton Manager) - 2004 - TVC - Bannan Films - Peter Bannan
Sony Handcam (Producer / Production Manager) - 2003 - TVC - Bannan Films - Peter Bannan
Telstra Clear - Karen Walker (Producer) - 2003 - TVC - Bannan Films - Peter Bannan
Glassons Brand Campaign (Producer) - 1997 - TVC - Bannan Films - Peter Bannan