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Splendid Casting



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+64 27 432 9803

Company Description

Splendid Casting is based in Christchurch, in the heart of the South Island. We offer a bespoke, independent casting service for all your talent requirements - whether you are looking for lead actors, experienced models or background extras. Being independent means we don't represent talent, so the only vested interest we have is in fully understanding your brief and finding the best cast for the role.

Christchurch is home to a diverse population of almost 400,000 people and quite frankly, they're a talented bunch. As well as supporting a professional theatre company and many, many amateur theatre groups and dance companies, Christchurch boasts several nationally recognised performing arts and circo arts training establishments. We also have a number of model and talent agencies, representing an experienced pool of fresh faces of all ages and from all walks of life.

Visit our website for more information about casting and shooting in Christchurch and the Canterbury region.

Product List

Lead talent and actor casting
Model casting
Background extras

Additional services:
2nd AD / on-set talent wrangling
Chaperoning service

Staff Members

Josie Cox
Casting Assistant

Jane Mahoney
Casting Director


027 432 9803


[email protected]

Josephine Meachen
Casting Assistant


NZ School Trustees Association Campaign - 2016 - ST - Strategy Design and Advertising
MiMark Campaign - 2016 - TVC - Resonate
Cricket World Cup Live - Opening Event Video - 2015 - LE - George P Johnson
Christchurch Story - ICC Cricket World Cup - 2015 - V - Belmont Productions - Rick Harvie
CPIT - 2014 - TVC - Shuriken - Richard Bell
Numerous tvcs - 1995-2006 - TVC - Bannan Films - Peter Bannan
National Bank - 1993 - TVC - Windows - Jeff Darling
Speights Perfect Girl (Sth Island Casting Assist) - 1993 - TVC - Cranbrook Films - Roger Tompkins