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Fred Enholmer



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I have been involved in Production Sound as a Boom Operator and Sound Recordist in the New Zealand Film Industry since 1998. In 2007 I put down my boom pole and with the help and support of my colleagues started Sound Recording.
I have had the privilege of working with some of the Industries most talented Producers, Directors, Creatives and Technicians on local and overseas productions, on shoestring and multi million dollar budgets as Production Sound Recordist.
Highlights of the last few years have been working alongside Director Andrew Adamson, traveling to Tokyo Japan with Director Peter Webber to film on the Imperial Palace grounds, and of course having the good fortune to work for the stalwart production company Pacific Renaissance.
In 2014 I spent nine weeks working alongside the wonderfully talented Director Pan Nalin in India. Our time was spent filming in the magical region of Himachal Pradesh – Himalayas, at 2050 meters followed by Leh at 3524 meters, then down to earth and the hustle and bustle of Delhi. The experiences I lived during this time have had an affect on me as only India can.
I look forward to sharing my experiences and newfound appreciation as a contributing film maker to my next adventure, whatever production that may be.

If requiring a referee please contact:

Producer/1st AD Luke Robinson Mobile 021440244
Email [email protected]

Producer Tom Hern
Mobile 027 244 1091
Email [email protected]

Images & Media


Adrift - 2018 - FF
The Shannara Chronicles Season 2 Main Init Sound Recordist - 2017 - TVP - MTV Limited
Welcome To The Thrill - 2016 - D - General Film Corporation - Toa Fraser
Powerade Blue Blood - 2016 - TVC - Exit Films - DOP Wally Pfister - The Dark Knight, Transcendence, The Italian Job
HomeAway - 2016 - TVC - Smasher Films - Tom Kuntz (famous for the Old Spice commercials) DOP Hoyte van Hoytema - Spectre, Interstellar, Her, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
The Rehearsal - 2015 - FF - Rehearsal Films Limited - Alison Maclean
The Shannara Chronicles - Main Unit Sound Recordist - 2015 - TVP - MTV Limited
Chief Gary - 2015 - FF - The Downlow Concept - Jarrod Holt, Nigel McCulloch and Ryan Hutchings
Nothing Trivial - 2014 - TVP - South Pacific Pictures - Mark Beesley
Beyond The Known World - 2014 - FF - BTKW Productions - India/New Zealand - Pan Nalin
The Dark Horse - 2013 - FF - Four Knights Films - James Napier Robertson
Everything We Loved - 2012 - FF - Four Knights Films - Max Currie
Emperor - 2012 - FF - Corn Cob Productions Limited - Peter Webber
Spartacus Season II & III Splinter Unit - 2011 - 2012 - TVP - Pacific Renaissance Spartacus Limited
Mr Pip - 2011 - FF - Andrew Adamson
The Most Fun You Can Have Dying - 2011 - FF - Ten Cent Pictures Limited - Kirstin Marcon
Ebony Society - 2010 - SF - Whenua Films - Tammy Davies
After The Waterfall - 2009 - FF - Paraffin Productions Limited
Legend Of The Seeker 2nd Unit - 2008 - 2010 - TVP - The Walt Disney Company (NZ) Limited


The Rehearsal 2015 Nominated for Best Sound at The NZ Film Awards
The Dark Horse 2013 Nominated for Best Sound at The NZ Film Awards
After The Waterfall 2009 Nominated for Best Sound at The NZ Film Awards

Contact Details


09 814 9671


021 660 763


[email protected]

Images & Media