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Jenna Ackerman

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021 029 13861


[email protected]


Jenna Ackerman is a young and enthusiastic music clearances expert. With a love for films and a passion for music, no job is too big or too small. Whether you're at the beginning of the production process budgeting for music, in the middle and need someone to advise on what music to include and where, or maybe you know exactly what song you want and just need help clearing it, Jenna can help from whatever stage you're at and is eagerly flexible to fit your production's aspirations. While she's only been in the business for three years, her experience working for ground-breaking music supervisor Karyn Rachtman has given Jenna an incredible start to her long-anticipated career. Jenna has worked on music clearances, coordination, consulting, supervision and assisting in advertising, television, video games, feature films, documentaries and web series, working for both international and domestic productions as well as international distributions and exclusively domestic for all types of media. Give Jenna a call directly or at Mind Your Music for any and all of your music needs!


Bachelor of Arts majoring in Media, Film and Television
Bachelor of Music majoring in Popular Music Studies


Nude Tuesday - 2022 - C - Good Thing Productions / Firefly Films - Armagan Ballantyne
Good To Be Home - 2022 - TVC - Special Group - Christopher Riggert
Vegas - 2021 - TVP - Greenstone - Kiel McNaughton
Dawn Raid - 2020 - D/FF - GFC Films - Oscar Kightley
Beyond Blue - 2019 - G - E-Line Media - E-Line Media