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Clinton Bowerman



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021 485 656


[email protected]


021 485 656


With my experience within the New Zealand Film Industry I am certain in my ability to become a vital member of the crew.

Based on your requirements for this position, below are some highlights of my personality and skills which I believe will be an asset for your production company.

• Quick learner, problem solver and a team player
• Supervisor and Management skills
• Leading the team by example
• Experience in meeting deadlines
• Ability to remain calm when dealing with emotional, difficult or distressed people
• Experience in working in a busy and fast paced environment
• Flexibility to different tasks
• Confidence in giving advice and information
• Manage first aid in emergency situations level 3


Maritime, level 3 4138 Control and extinguish fire, level 2 12310 Implement fire fighting and describe damage control on a vessel 14/05/2008
Driving Class; 2, 4L, Forlift & P (Bus & Taxi). 1978.
Commercial Road Transport. Level 3 Class 2 Operate heavy vehicle. 28/11/2002.
Health Studies. level 3, 6400, manage first aid in emergency situations. Level 2, 6401, Provide first aid. Level 1, 6402, Provide resuscitation level 2. 19/09/2010