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Karen Soich Law


519 Richmond Road Grey Lynn Auckland

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09 376 5739


[email protected]


[email protected]


519 Richmond Road
Grey Lynn


021 43 55 11

Company Description

Karen specialises in Intellectual Property, Entertainment and Employment Law both nationally and internationally.

Karen has been in practice since 1991.

Her practice covers matters relating to copyright, trade marks, contracts, publishing, film and television production, merchandising, distribution, new media, music recording and publishing, advertising, sponsorship, licensing, employment and litigation.

Over the years she has:
* Acquired extensive experience in all areas of intellectual property, film, television, music, publishing and employment law;
* Developed excellent relationships with the key players in the New Zealand film and television industry and have a broad network of contacts in New Zealand and abroad;
* Gained an insider’s perspective on the industry.

Karen acts for corporations and individuals throughout New Zealand and abroad, representing their interests here and negotiating with overseas partners and third parties. She is able to deliver high quality services at a cost that only a small, specialist practice can deliver and have established relationships with leading entertainment law firms worldwide.

Product List

* Screentime NZ Limited - retained Lawyer for all Films and Television programmes (Pound Pups, Police 10/7, Darklands, The Missing........)

* X Factor - selected by contestants to represent their interests 2 years running

* Films - Vinters Luck, District 9, Rain, Broken English, Once Were Warriors .....

* TV - Attitude, Pukana, Street Legal....

* Music - X Factor, Peter Urlich, Ardijah, Herbs, Scribe, Dawn Raid.....

Please see our website for more credits.


SPADA member (previous President and Executive Board Member)
WIFT member (previous President and Executive Board Member)
Nga Aho Whakaari (adviser)
Al Brown Advisory (Board Member)
Connected Media Trust (previous Trustee)

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