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Safe Road Services Ltd


32 Earthmover Crescent 32 Earthmover Crescent Burbush Hamilton 3500

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0800 723 3886


[email protected]



0800 723 3886


0800 723 3886


Safe Road Services is an NZ-based traffic management company offering safe and effective solutions and temporary traffic management plans to suit all requirements. The company provide a range of temporary traffic management solutions, including quotes and consultations, TMP design, and event and worksite traffic management.

From small shoulder closures to larger-scale traffic management, Safe Road Services can assist you. Their services include everything from basic traffic control to an eight-way stop-and-go traffic situation or a 24/7 emergency response call-out.

Safe Road Services have offices in Thames, Hamilton, and Auckland. The company works with a range of clientele, including reputable civil construction and highway maintenance companies. Their teams are fully qualified with the equipment to set up and manage Level 1 sites of any size or duration.

The company provides worksite traffic management to maintain code compliance and ensure roads are safe for the general public, clients, and staff. The team ensures effective pathways are available for your worksite, offering long-term or short-term solutions in site traffic management.

Safe Road Services work with a range of companies for all types of circumstances including event traffic management like large-scale sports events or private occasions.

Safe Road Services are conscientious and follow strict protocols to ensure their traffic management plans provide the safest and most effective traffic solutions.

The company offers consults and quotes to ensure their traffic management plans are the perfect fit for your worksite or event. The team can make all the necessary Corridor Access Requests or Road Controlling Authority notifications and provide teams to cater to your workspace requirements. Find out more at