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Screen Production and Development Association of NZ (SPADA)



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04 939 6934


[email protected]



PO Box 9567
Marion Square

Company Description

SPADA represents and promotes the interests of independent producers of feature films, television, animation, interactive media companies and television commercials in New Zealand. It is a leading advocate for New Zealand screen culture and for healthy production businesses. It has regular and constructive dialogue with funding bodies, broadcasters, government and with other national and international industry groups and opinion formers in order to monitor and influence the development of New Zealand's screen production policies and to provide a voice for the production industry.

SPADA also provides a range of services including training, industry events, and advice on employment, copyright and contractual issues for its members. It publishes various policy documents and industry submissions, which are available on the website.

SPADA works with other industry bodies to produce codes of best practice. SPADA organises the annual NZ Film & Television industry conference on behalf of the screen industry.

SPADA is governed by an Executive of 10 annually elected members.

Staff Members

Sandy Gildea
Executive Director


04 939 6936


[email protected]