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Pan-Asian Screen Collective


195 Ponsonby Road Ponsonby Auckland 1011

Company Description

The Pan-Asian Screen Collective (an incorporated society) launched in August 2018 to represent, provide advocacy and facilitate opportunities for Pan-Asian screen practitioners on and behind the camera.

PASC represents screen practitioners of Pan-Asian heritage including those from long-established New Zealand Chinese and Indian communities. It also includes members from migrant and refugee communities. Following the UN definition of Asia, PASC also embraces screen creatives with Iranian and Turkish heritage. Pan-Asian screen creatives not only represent Aotearoa’s own diverse populace, but also provide unique access and connections to the rest of the world.

PASC aims to:
- Foster career pathways for emerging and established Pan-Asian talent through training, coaching, networking, accessing funding, building confidence and celebrating difference
- Facilitate paid work opportunities for Pan-Asian talent in the screen industries including in front of and behind cameras, in key creative roles, telling stories.
- Reflect contemporary Aotearoa by improving Pan-Asian representation on and behind screens
- Resist a monolithic or stereotyped definition of Asianness or Asian stories
- Ensure that Pan-Asian screen practitioners get to define Asianess or Asian stories.

Staff Members

Megan Blackwell
General Manager

Images & Media

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