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NZ On Air


Level 2, 119 Ghuznee Street Wellington 6011

Get In Touch


+64 4 382 9546


[email protected]



PO Box 9744
Marion Square


+64 4 382 9546

Company Description

NZ On Air is a public media funding agency. It invests in a diverse range of local television, radio, music and online content to extend choices for New Zealand audiences. Annually it allocates $80 million of contestable funding towards New Zealand screen content for audiences on a variety of platforms. NZ On Air functions are set out in the Broadcasting Act. NZ On Air’s focus is on funding content that reflects and develops New Zealand identity and culture.

A new funding strategy implemented in 2017 is platform neutral. Read more about the NZ Media Fund. In assessing applications NZ On Air looks for: innovation and creativity; diversity of faces, stories and storytellers to reflect all New Zealanders; and cost effective content that will reach its intended audience. All applications must be made online at

Staff Members

Cameron Harland
Chief Executive

Amie Mills
Head of Funding

Benedict Reid
Associate Head of Funding (Business Affairs)

Glenn Usmar
Associate Head of Funding (Applications)