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Matt Henley


Unit 5, 7 McCormack Place Ngauranga Wellington 6035

Get In Touch


[email protected]



PO Box 46033
Herne Bay


027 562 3651

Company Description

Matt Henley is an established experienced director of photography based in Wellington, shooting short films, music videos, special effects, animation commercials and broadcast programming. His work has been screened at Camerimage, Clermont-Ferrand, NZIFF and Locarno.

Product List

CAMERAS - Arri Alexa XT, Red Dragon, Red Epic-X, Sony F5, Red MX, Sony F3, Canon C300 MKII, Sony F900R Sony F800 XDHD, Panasonic HPX-3000, Sony EX-3, Sony EX-1 XDCAM , Sony PMW 200, Canon 5D MKII, DVCAM, Pencil Cameras, and P2.

LENSES - 35mm PL Mount Lenses - Zeiss Ultra Primes T1.9 Set, Zeiss CP2’s, Compact Primes, Zeiss Standard Primes, Optex 10.5mm Primes, Phanspheron, Optex Canon 300mm Prime, Duclos 11-16mm PL Mount Zoom, Cooke 25-250mm MKII Zoom T4, Cooke 18-100mm Zoom T3.1, Optex Canon 150-600mm T6.7 Motorised, 2/3 Inch HD Cine Lenses

Images & Media

  • Crew 2
  • Crew 4
  • Crew 5



NZIFF 'School Night.' Best of NZ Shorts. 2014
NZIFF. 'Our House' as part of 'Quarters.' 2011
NZIFF. 'Elaine Rides Again.' NZ Shorts. 2011
Clermont Ferrand. 'Manslaughter.' Kodak Cinematography Showcase. Winner Asia/Pacific. 2008
Festival - Locarno 67. 'Unnatural History.' Pardi di Domani. 2014
Festival - Cameraimage. 'Manslaughter.' Student Etudes. 2008


Worksafe - 2018 - TVC - Flying Fish
BATS - 2018 - SF - Michelle Savill
Mistress Mercy - 2017 - D/FF - The Gibson Group
Positively Wellington 'Poemer' - 2016 - TVC - Storybox - Alexa XT - Michelle Savill
Royal Ballet 'Speed of Light' - 2016 - TVC - Match - RED Dragon - Ross Brown
NZFC 'Moving' - 2015 - SF - NZFC Fresh - Alexa XT - Eli Kent - Leon Wadham