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203 Newlands Road Newlands Wellington 6037


CKFilmDesign provides art department services (costume design and construction, props, creatures, set design, wardrobe supervision and standby etc) to the film and wider entertainment industries with a particular focus on costume/wardrobe.

The creative team here at CK is led by Charlotte Kelleher an experienced costume designer, wardrobe manager and armour technician, a finalist in the 2016 Weta Workshop Costume & Film section at World of Wearable Arts, a New Zealand Ambassador for Worbla thermoplastics, and a guest tutor at Toi Whakaari (New Zealand School of Drama).

CKFilmDesign's real value to producers, directors and design agencies is that we can be the single point of contact for all art department requirements and we can scale up or down (we have experienced contractors that we call on with a broad range of skills), depending on the size of the job. That way, the production itself doesn’t have to individually contract a number of individuals, or juggle the number of people on contract as the size of the job changes. We can also handle overflow/costume construction work at our 250sqm design and build workshop.

As well as designing and constructing our own original costumes for various productions, we also have a huge range of existing costumes available. We've recently taken over management of the Avalon Studios wardrobe, so that partnership has increased the range of wardrobe available to the industry (we don't hire to the public). We also have a fully fitted out hair and makeup trailer available for hire – this can also be used as an actor retreat for downtime between shooting.

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