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289 Lincoln Road Henderson Auckland 0610

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09 478 2260


[email protected]



0800 BRUSTICS (728 784)


021 717 735

Company Description

Unique products combined with experience importing MPI “risk goods” from all over the world. We specialize in products that enhance the cultural connection of a film set, particularly for the following genre;

• Antipodean – Kiwi; Māori, Australasian, Polynesian
• South East Asian – Balinese, Vietnamese, Thai
• Oriental - Zen
• Mediterranean
• Coastal
• Playgrounds
• Watergardens

Sustainable, Renewable, and or Recycled products from around the world. For over 25 years we have specialized in importing and treating often unique products from around the globe. We operate an approved MPI Transitional Facility.
We also have staff skilled in the installation and application of our products.

Our exclusive collection caters to the film industry's appetite for the extraordinary – Our Thatch roofing, Tiki huts, and Natural Fencing made from Brushwood, Bamboo, and Eucalyptus create stunning, authentic backdrops and statements for your next cinematic masterpiece.

Elevate your film productions with our authentic products, guiding you to craft genuine themes, captivating landscapes, and meaningful cultural connections. Allow us to assist you with products that bring your audience rich and authentic cinematic experiences.

Stock is available from our Christchurch and Auckland branches.

Product List

Palm Thatch Roofing
Reed Thatch Roofing
Natural Thatch Roofing
Eucalyptus Pergolas
Eucalyptus Fencing
Eucalyptus Posts
Eucalyptus Poles
Brushwood Fencing
Bamboo Fencing
Traditional Woodfired Ovens

Pictures say it all. See below for examples of the application of our products to enhance the cultural connections with some of the genres listed above.


Stock is available from our Christchurch and Auckland branches.

Images & Media

  • Dura reed hobbiton3
  • Dura palm thatch the marlow family
  • Jayne jolly euca roof
  • Reed
  • 20150624 093833
  • 3.5m round steel frame beach bar