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BONZ Group NZ Ltd


8-10 The Mall Queenstown 9300

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+64 3 442 5398


[email protected]


Company Description

Founded 1972, BONZ Group manufactures and retails luxury New Zealand made apparel, accessories, homewares and furniture. We specialise in using high quality, ethical sustainable, locally sourced New Zealand materials. Our Invercargill factory and export label is called Knight of New Zealand -

With 3 designers and a large factory floor team, we have considerable production capacity and capability. Our sewing machinery allows for a wide variety of finishes, and we also have a knitting department with Whole Garment knitting machines, and a furniture production workshop capable of making any/all props you may require. After 50 years of manufacturing in Invercargill, we have an extensive local network that we can access to achieve anything we are not able to complete in-house.

The factory is kept busy with wholesale and production for our retail stores, however, we will always make time to work with the NZ Film industry on your requirements as this remains a passion of ours.

Staff Members

Oscar Rodwell
Managing Director


022 087 8174


[email protected]

Ross Caithness
Business Development Manager

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Mindful Fashion New Zealand 2020
Fernmark Accredited 2000
Qualmark Silver 2018
New Zealand Made 1995