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Elsie Wolfe Wondrous Antiques


Unit 15c National Storage, 518 Buckland Road Pukekohe Auckland 2120

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021 185 2014


[email protected]



021 185 2014


021 185 2014


Elsie Wolfe Wondrous Antiques is a proudly New Zealand owned and operated antique store founded in 2020. They are one of the finest antique stores in Auckland that celebrates the beauty in the design of vintage pieces.

Elsie Wolfe’s offerings include decorative home and garden pieces that help you create a timeless ambience for your home.

Their collection is a blend of New Zealand antiques and European vintage pieces that spark conversation and delight the senses - and evoke a feeling of familiarity and newness at the same time.

From vintage furniture and industrial antiques down to decorative vintage home furnishings, Elsie Wolfe’s collection of vintage pieces are carefully curated and handpicked for individuals who have an eye for detail and elevated design.

They specialise in curating vintage cabinets and storage, antique chairs and tables, ceramics, decorative pieces, collectables, glass, and garden antiques. You can expect only quality, timeless antiques at Elsie Wolfe.

Elsie Wolfe Wondrous Antiques offers a "7 days no questions asked" return on all their antiques and vintage items. You are free to return your purchase and get a 100% full refund within seven days if the item does not fit your style.

To browse Elsie Wolfe’s range of antique pieces, visit their website:

You can also book a showroom visit at their store in Pukekohe, Auckland.