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Alex Falkner


10 Dickson Crescent St Johns Hill Whanganui 4500

Company Description

My name is Alex Falkner and for the past 14 years, I have been heavily involved in the film industry over here, primarily at Weta Workshop and more recently down at Stone Street Studios.

I started off at Weta as a model maker, then quickly realised that a variety of skills can equate to job retention, so went about learning as much as I could in as many departments as I could.

I bounced from department to department throughout Weta, right from the welding bay through to design. I worked on pretty much every project that went through the place from Kong in 2003, Avatar to Power Rangers / GITS in 2016, when we shifted towns for a change of lifestyle.

I was running the Props and Models department and had done for several years and decided it was time for a change - the single HARDEST decision I have ever had to make. So we picked up everything and moved to Whanganui and I got a "grown up's" job.

But the Whanganui lifestyle change lasted all of three months! The 'grow up' job was soul destroying, but thankfully I was then picked up as a model maker for Mortal Engines and was down there in Wellington since October 2016 till July 2017.

I have been keeping myself busy and try and keep the wolves from the door, however I can do set decoration, construction, whatever it takes.

While I can't say I have a 'unique' set of skills, I like to think I have quite a few of them and have a lot to offer any project someone is brave enough to let me onto.

While running the Props department, I supervised the construction and destruction of the 1/4 scale Toretto House and have art directed all sorts of projects that went through Weta. I was a production designer on a large budget series of short films, which sadly never saw the light of day. I managed to get all the Hobbit weapons and props out the door during that small project too.

I have also built up a relationship with the Whanganui District Council, and have designed and installed a large Parklet to give the public a space to sit and relax. There are more projects in the works.

Product List

Complete mechanics toolkit - sockets, spanners, screwdrivers, etc
Complete wood/metalworking kit - hammers, files chisels, saws etc
Complete portable power tool kit-drill, driver, saws, grinders etc
Complete corded power tool kit- drill, saws, grinders etc.
Complete cutting/drilling set- drill bits, hole saws, auger bits, countersinks etc
Complete fine tool kit
Complete poly/sculpting tool kit
All Personal safety equipment-half/full masks, earmuffs, goggles, welding mask etc.
Painting kit- airbrush, spray gun etc

Table saw
Drop saw
Band saw
Scroll saw
Bench sander
Drill press

18v Framing Nailer
18v Finishing Nailer

A4 Laser cutter on-site if required.
200amp single phase MIG welder, Gas, wire etc.


Weta Workshop Ltd
Pukeko pictures
Stone St Studios
Wingnut Films
Propeller Studios
Spookers Ltd
880 Productions


Reunion-NZ Feature- Props maker - 2019 - FF - Miss Conception Films - Jake McHaffy
Mulan- Weapons Assistant/stand by - 2018 - FF - Disney - Nikki Caro
Mortal Engines - Art Dept Model Maker - 2018 - FF - Christian Rivers