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Gail Cowan Management


7A Scanlan Street Grey Lynn Auckland 1021

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09 360 2654


[email protected]



7A Scanlan Street
Grey Lynn


GCM is a professional actors'​ agency based in Auckland, New Zealand. GCM has a fantastic reputation within the industry, one of competence, care and dedication. The agency aims to create an authentic and collaborative environment through developing a genuine understanding of our clients.

All of our agents are positioned within the business to best work to their strengths and skill-base. We work collaboratively as a team and aim to be aware of all projects and clients.
Having several actors as employees at GCM allows us to provide better service in all areas of the business. Our employees have a greater understanding of actors abilities and can tailor pitches to suit.

At the GCM office, we have our own fully equipped studio, sound booth and full editing facilities. These allow us to record our own audition tapes and voice demos as required and at very short notice.
GCM puts a large focus on developing talent. We can provide advice, recommendations as well as offer workshopping or practice self-tapes in our studio.

Full member of the 'AAANZ' - Actors Agents Association

Staff Members

Gail Cowan

Eve Carvell
Agent & Operations Manager

Sandra Bestall
International Agent

Christina Nielsen

Britta Brandt
Local Agent

Holly Jenkins
Voice Agent

Becky Power