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Snap Rentals


60-64 The Strand Parnell Auckland 1010

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09 2752438


[email protected]



0800 288 699


021 827 781

Company Description

Snap Rentals is the leading vehicle supplier to the New Zealand film industry.​ Snap Rentals can supply both long and short term rental options and, with locations throughout New Zealand. Snap Rentals is also happy to work with crews to provide delivery of vehicles, making film production even easier.

Snap Rentals is proud to have formed long standing relationships with film production companies, both independent and large studio productions.

Product List

Large and Diverse Fleet
Snap Rentals has a wide and diverse range of vehicles, providing film crews with varying options to suit their needs. Snap Rentals supplies compact cars, 4WD SUV and hatch back vehicles. If space for people or equipment is needed then our minivans, cargo vans and box body trucks are the perfect solution.

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