Actionhouse - Module 1: Introduction to Film Fighting and Safety Course

March 10th, 2018 09:00 - 11 Mar 17:00

Module 1: Introduction to Film Fighting and Safety Course

When: Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th of March 2018
Time: 09.00 - 17.00 both days

This module is an introduction to those wanting to pursue a career in the film and television industry in a stunt role, and we will take you through the basics of what is required from you as a stunt performer.
Our Instructors have over eighty years combined experience in International Film and Television Stunt Coordinating as well as World Champion Martial Arts Coaches and will take you through every step needed to help you into your professional career as a stunt performer.

The course will cover:
- Onset Etiquette
- General Stunt Falls
- Film Kicking and Punching
- Head and Body Sells
- Spatial Awareness
- Multiple Camera Angles
- Choreographed Martial Arts Fight Scenes

Application forms can be downloaded from and must be received by the 28th of February 2018

The course is open to 16 year's and above

ActionHouse reserves the right to exclude any applicant who the organisers feel is not suitable for such a physically demanding profession. Also the organisers reserve the right to cease all training during the course if they feel the applicant could potentially harm themselves or others.

M1 - Introduction to Film Fighting and Safety Course $550.00


ActionHouse Training Centre Silverdale, Auckland, New Zealand